Fabric Store Shopping Guide for Beginners

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Fabric Store Shopping Guide for Beginners

The process of shopping in a fabric store can be challenging for many reasons. We are surrounded by so many different types of fabrics, that it can be tough to choose what to use for our project or just what we want. If you are looking for something specific, the vast number of options can become overwhelming. Here are some ways to make sure that you walk out with exactly what you need while avoiding getting intimidated by too many choices. Below is a guide on how to shop at a fabric store:


Wholesale fabric retailers or discount stores may offer lower prices if you buy in large quantities.

When purchasing fabric for a project, first ask how much it costs per yard. Ask the sales clerk again, “What will the price be if I buy 10 yards?” You usually get a better deal this way!


fabric store shopping guide for beginners

Make sure the vendor unrolls the entire bolt of fabric before you buy more than a yard or two so you can examine the fabric for flaws.

Whenever you pay a special "by the bolt" price, you should measure the entire bolt to ensure there is enough on it to complete your project; bulk bolts may not be what they seem.

Check the quality of your fabric.

You can test the unraveling ability of the fabric by pulling a bit at the end where it had been cut. Do not buy it if it unravels!


beginners guide to shopping for fabrics

To help you shop, create a "color notebook" with your room components.


Bring in fabric samples that already exist in the room, swatches of paint from the walls, a photo of the furniture you wish to restore, and a picture of the room you are decorating. Ensure the dimensions of your furniture and windows are recorded in the book. You can make quick and easy references to this notebook with salespeople, as you can visualize everything there.

To learn more about fabric, review its bolt or cylinder tag.

Fabric tags indicate the price per yard, fiber content, care instructions, fabric width, and the fabric manufacturer.

You can test fabrics "on-site" if you are unsure of their colors, textures, or designs. Ask for a swatch from the vendor to take home.

Attach each swatch to a page of your color notebook and include the business card of the store where you purchased it, as well as the price per yard so that you'll know how much it costs and where to buy it.

To double-check your measurements, you should always carry a measuring tape.

Fabrics may be missing their bolt tags, and bolt tags can lie.

Take your time making the right choice for your project and do not be afraid to ask questions.

 It is important to enjoy your fabric shopping experience, so take your time, look through the fabric, feel it, and smell it, and, of course, have fun!

Conclusion When Shopping For Fabrics

You have learned how to shop for fabric, where to find quality fabrics, and how to choose them. You are now equipped with all the information you need to complete your next home improvement project with ease. We recommend you purchase your fabrics from Nationwide Fabrics so we can provide you with our expertise in cutting, sewing, and finishing. Head on over now if this information has got you excited about starting your next project today!



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