About Us

Welcome to the Nationwide Fabric Family

From small beginnings, we started as a local distributor of textiles in the Dallas Metroplex area and quickly gained momentum.  With our growth in the community, our business relationship with Skyline fabrics allowed for mutual growth.  Skyline’s acquisition of Nationwide in 2018 has helped expand our presence in the US with three offices around the country, including our New York and Miami locations.  Today, we offer our fabric cutting services to the entire southern United States in partnership with our parent company.

Nationwide Fabric is a cut yardage textile jobber, with our broad range of premium, modern fabrics (jacquards, suedes, velvets, vinyls, etc.)   .  Our design team scours the globe for various textiles with versatile applications that meet the demands of several markets.  

Although we pride ourselves on having some of the best price points on the market, it is our love for the craft, exemplary service and friendly business culture that keeps everyone coming back to do business with us. We are always available to talk more about our services and would love to have you join the Nationwide Fabric family.”