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Natural Upholstery Fabric Types Some natural upholstery fabrics include Cotton, leather, linen, silk vinyl and wool. Cotton Upholstery Fabrics While these are often low cost, they may show wear and tear with regular use. In high traffic areas it can quickly become thinned out or torn. It is not a good choice for upholstering sofas that will be sat on every day by many people. Cotton upholstery fabrics do however have the advantage of being able to fit in most budgets when decorating your home on a budget. Linen upholstery fabrics are strong and durable like cottons , they also need...

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The upholstery fabrics you choose can make or break a room. Upholstery fabrics are not just about the style - they're about the durability, comfort and functionality of your upholstered furniture. Choosing upholstery fabric is a serious decision that requires expert advice from an upholsterer who knows what they're talking about. In this blog post, we will give you insider secrets for choosing upholstery fabrics to ensure your project is successful! - The type of upholstery fabric you use depends on many factors including its use (sofa vs armchair), budget, color options and pattern availability. - It's important to take...

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