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There are many different types of leathers. In Part 1 of our leather anthology, we cover full-grain, genuine and a variety of leathers.

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What Are The Origins of Velvet? Velvet is a type of fabric distinguished by its short pile. Traditionally woven with silk, it can now be created with a number of fibers, including cotton, viscose, rayon, or synthetic fibers. Velvet fabric is frequently woven as a double cloth and then divided into two pile materials. Silk velvet is the most expensive variety and was historically reserved for royalty. Velvet is the pinnacle of opulence. We frequently see it on catwalks and it is our first thought when we consider evening wear. Today, everyone can purchase velvet fabric, which is utilized not...

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Velvet is a beautiful fabric with luxurious qualities. It's not just for royalty any more, and you can wear it to work or school if desired. Here are some tips on how to sport and style your velvet outfits. 

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Today we are going to determine the types of velvet, know the most common types of velvet, know  more about the advantages and disadvantages of using velvet,  how to shop for it, how to care for and maintain velvet.

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WHAT ARE THE BEST FABRIC STORES IN MIAMI? WHAT SHOULD I LOOK FOR WHEN FINDING A FABRIC STORE IN MIAMI? When it comes to fabrics, one can't simply walk into any store and expect to find what they're looking for. There are a number of indicators that you should be paying attention to in order to make sure you're getting the best fabrics possible. In this post we will talk about 7 indicators of a great fabric store; we hope these pointers help!   Not only should the fabrics be clean and in good condition, but it's important to make...

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