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Marine fabric is the latest in marine technology for boaters and yacht owners. The fabrics are made to withstand harsh conditions, like saltwater, UV rays, sun exposure, and more. It can be used for upholstery on your boat or as a cover-up when you are out at sea. It has many applications that can help protect your boat from the elements. In addition, it is often woven with threads of polyester, cotton, or acrylic to create durable fabrics that are resistant to mildew and mold. 

What Is Marine Fabric Used For?
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Fabric that is predominantly used for seafaring purposes is known as marine fabric. It is made from cotton duck treated to retain its water-repellent characteristics. Cotton canvas is therefore used as the marine fabric. It is, therefore, more tightly knitted than plain canvas. In addition to being used in items such as sneakers and sandbags, this cotton duck fabric is commonly used in aquatic applications. This material provides excellent sunshade and protection from the elements while on the water.

Marine Fabric Benefits

  • Water Resistant and Windproof – Marine canvas is tightly woven, making it water-repellent if not waterproof. Waterproofing can make the fabric hold water. Due to its tight-knit nature, it is often windproof, which is why sails are made with it.
  • Durable - Marine canvas is not only water and windproof, but also resistant to stress and tugs. A highly sturdy fabric. As a result, tents and awnings are commonly made from it. In addition, you will find it used for shoes.
  • Color Retention – Due to the tightly woven nature of the marine canvas, dye or other treatments hold up well. This fabric is resistant to fading even under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Breathable – Since Marine fabric is a breathable material, it is a perfect choice for nautical and outdoor activities. Mold and mildew cannot thrive on this fabric because it has good airflow.

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Nautical Applications Of Marine Fabric

Sails for your Boat 

It may be uncommon, but many purists use marine fabric as sails for their boats. On large, multi-sailed boats, they look quite stunning and authentic.

marine fabric for sail boats


The material used in marine fabric is durable. For this reason, many people reupholster furniture with it. 

Mold and Mildew Resistant Drapery 

Marine fabric may be the perfect material for your drapery needs. Because it is treated and very resistant to mold and mildew. Thus, you do not have to worry about it becoming damaged.

DIY Projects 

DIY projects are often made with marine fabric today. You can use the fabric for purses, reusable bags, or creative projects


Custom covers can be created using marine canvas. These are not only for automobiles. A cover might also be needed for your barbecue grill or outdoor furniture. This material is ideal.

Outdoor Marine Canvas Uses


Tarps can be made from marine fabric. You could use it to cover a freshly chopped piece of wood, or you could use it to protect your head in case of unexpected rain.


Boat sunshades are often made of marine fabric. The bimini top can be installed easily and stowed when not in use. While maintaining a soft and supple feel, marine fabric provides shade, water resistance, and UV protection.

Advertisement signs and banners 

Marine canvas is no doubt a strong material. Signs and banners hung outdoors can be made of marine canvas. Printing on canvas material can be possible with some large format printers. 


When properly maintained and cared for, canvas fabric is regarded by many as the best material for a tent. Make a whole new tent from marine canvas or use it as an extra rain cover.


There are many benefits to using marine fabrics, such as their durability and resistance to mold. The applications of this fabric include sails, drapes, tents, tarps, and more. If you are looking for a new textile or need some inspiration for your next projects like boat coverings or outdoor living areas, consider our selection of marine fabrics from Nationwide Fabric today!



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